Inspiration: 360 Degree video, and VR, are the future of immersive media. We wanted to allow users to stitch together their 360 Degree photos anonymously, outside of their Facebook account.

What it does: is an application for your Android device or desktop that allows you to stitch your 360 degree photos and allow anyone to become totally immersed in your 360 experience. No pain of attaching online profiles to compromise privacy, or having to be technically trained.

How I built it: Our application is built on a standardized open source HTML5 methodology with cordova for mobile users. This system is a noSQL use case which uses APIs to monitor the content upload. These pictures are standard pictures, photos from archives, FACEBOOK and many other sources. The concept is that the finger is not as mighty as the voice. Much of our lives is voice driven and to this end we produced a latent semantic search engine with facial and scene recognition and GIS data enhancements to help make accessing and sorting pictures, panorama and video easily concept searchable. It understands what you mean not what you say about the multimedia in your personal collection. We also made special efforts to support Dolby audio for cleaning up content descriptions and background noise. There is not limit to the length a customer can annotate content, more is better in this case.

Challenges I ran into:

The test was dealing with the issues of Watson training and speech enabling the browser experience across operating systems, browsers and codecs. We utilized for trans-coding of several flavors of the same file permitting users to organize content easier than with using Tags or their poor mouse finger.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Protecting anonymity and privacy for our users. Additionally the ability to support Television and future delivery front ends.

What I learned:

What's next for We will also publish an iphone application.

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