Our initial inspiration came from a friend making a comment about their struggling to communicate with an international penpal. Within a couple seconds of hearing that random complaint, a span of ideas formed in our minds about an easy-to-use, speech-to-speech translation application like Skype.

What it does

Babel Talk translates your voice in real-time and speaks it back to the person you're in a call with.

How we built it

We worked with a React/CSS frontend and a NodeJS backend. The translation begins with your voice being configured into text using WebSpeechRecognitionAPI provided by Google. Next, it is translated to the language specified by the receiver using Google's translate API. Finally, it is translated back to speech using WebSPeechRecognitionAPI.

Challenges we ran into

Continually translating the text as well as effectively splitting up a large number of modular features all posed a significant challenge for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to have a fully functional application after just two days, that looks sleek and perfectly translates both speech and text with the click of a button.

What we learned

We learned significant amounts of react, something that most of us have never worked with.

What's next for Babel Talk

Next is our unfinished goal to transition our application into a progressive web application.

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