While on the go, we want the computers to be smarter and read out our social posts to us, like it is talking to us, instead of us scrolling through them on the mobile app

How it works

We fetch content from facebook, and derive a meaningful text that is then fed to a text to speech engine for speech. We also use voice recognition to provide more interactivity.

Challenges I ran into

Fine tuning the meaningful message from the post content, making it interactive using voice commands

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The way it reads the posts, it feels like it really understands what it is talking about!

What I learned

Learnt about speech recognition engine, how to run voice commands and finally how to use facebook graph api to get user content.

What's next for babble

Make this technology into a framework and give it to other developers to integrate with their app. We would try to derive the most sense from what we get on the screen and take care of reading it out to the users

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