The development team hails from southern India. There is a southern state named Tamil Nadu which quite often get involved in legal disputes with neighbouring states for water resources. The same state had to face extreme floods that last weeks to subside. So we believe that if rainwater harvesting is promoted aggressively in the state it can solve two pain points.

People having rainwater collection tanks can send the water to industries that demand clean water and receive Baarish token in return. Baarish token gives exclusive access to goods and services offered by persons or companies that make use of the harvested water. With Baarish Token, holders will get privileged access to available clean water during droughts, which will eventually promote rainwater harvesting in community level.

We built the MVP and smart contract in Etherium protocol.

Team is using etherium framework for the first time. So it was slightly difficult, to begin with, and finish the project in such a short time span.

We had the opportunity to work on a meaningful problem what can directly impact human lives & more than that we could showcase Blockchain technology and smart contracts will find application in social engineering.

Etherium, how to construct smart contracts and a lot more.

What's next for Baarish

Maybe we will go back to our homeland and pitch the idea to decision makers who can actually take this idea into a successful implementation of crypto tokens

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