Baams Away offers playful physics based gameplay that is guaranteed to make you smile. It takes place in a lighthearted world full of playful settings and comical characters. It offers some of the safest first time VR experience, grounded in a zeppelin flying at a constant speed with enough particles to offer the player a grounded experience. Innovation takes place in the plethora of physics based projectiles you can launch as well as the opportunity to play cooperatively with a friend. The world features a simple set of shaders that will work well for a Gear VR experience.

It is based on the world of Baams Away, Bearded Eyes first game on Android with over 1.5 million downloads to date!

Controls - You simple gaze about and tap the headset button to launch bombs. Once you hit sheep with bombs, hold down the headset button to shoot nerf darts at them while they are in the air. Currently there are three projectiles - bombs, ninja stars, and nerf darts. Many more will be added.

Gameplay - Gameplay is simple and straightforward at this point. Blow up as many sheep as you can with bombs. More efficient bomb usage, combos, and air shots will be coming soon.

Innovation - Baams Away strives to be a very comfortable, playful, and engaging first time VR gameplay experience. I am attempting to push the hardware as much as possible with a simple and straightforward aesthetic. Physics based gameplay offers a huge amount of satisfaction and is something missing from most gaze gunners that are already out.

Once Unity 5 becomes appropriate for Gear VR, local coop is the first planned feature.

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