1. Problem Statement
    • How can we solve personal issues faster, meet new people, and feel good doing it using current technology?
  2. Why?
    • We can solve personal issues faster with community help and current technology
    • Encourages people to be more friendly to strangers
    • Satisfies internal need for altruism and acknowledgement
    • In short, it makes us feel good about ourselves
  3. Status Quo
    • Current apps made for "helping others" are primarily monetary donation apps
    • Money doesn't solve everything. Sometimes an extra pair of hands for an hour can solve a problem that
  4. Solution
    • Let's make a location-and-time based web application where users play a role as either Civilian (helpees) or Superhero (helpers)
  5. Demo (Use Cases)-
    • Key Attributes
      • Location-and-time based (within <3 miles and help within 12 hours)
      • Superhero Themed
      • Catogorizes and prioritizes "Cries-for-help"(or "Bat-Signals")
      • Prioritizes community centers, non-profit organizations, charity, elderly folks
      • Ranking system for those who decide to be a "Hero"
    • Use Cases
      • Lost Items
      • Extra hands needed for an hour at a drive
      • Elderly/disable needs
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