Jeroen and Michael are part of HackWare. An organization dedicated to giving access to students interested in hardware hacking. We had an idea for a new device to add to the hardware lab for students to use. What came out of this idea was a set of microcontrollers equipped with Wi-Fi, addressable LEDs, IR sensors and batteries.

In the spirit of hackathons, we decided to create these kits as a hack. With the help of James and Vincent, we created these wireless, modular drums. Each one of our kits is used as a wireless drum. They are all configured and set up to connect to our server that will assign them a sound. Each time a drum is hit, it transmits the command to this server to play a sound.

Our product is meant to showcase the ease of expansion and communication of a modular kit.

Built With

  • neopixles
  • particle-photon
  • python
  • some-bits-and-bobs
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