Wish to increase Customer Retention and increase the business by WINWIN concept

How it works

Instead of giving recommendations from Item Based approach or content basedapproach,Get the Customers interest and provide discounts based on Customer wish.

Challenges I ran into

How to engage Customers?How to make them aware that we are ready to assist with their interest.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We found a way to retain customer by Video chat and New feature where User enters his interest and gets discounts in their next purchase .He is also eligible for a jackpot which happens once in a year to get this dream product.I gave demo to couple of teams ,they are happy to see this different approach to engage the customer .

What I learned

I learned how to use Zebra beacons , to host and redirect sites.I learnt that customer retention is easier if we understand their interest and the current market trend.

What's next for B4U

Enable the recommendation engine along with the data gathered from user.

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