The annual growth rate of the Influencer Market is 35%, with an estimated value of $85 billion by 2028. 80% of Web 3.0 companies use ad campaigns with Influencers as the main channel for promotion. Most blockchain projects put 10 to 20% of their tokens on marketing. Thus, for the development of the blockchain industry, it will be important to create a platform for advertising through influencers with the ability to pay with native tokens.


Launching an advertising campaign with influencers is a routine (up to 3 months) process with many opposite problems for both sides

  • Only 10% of influencers respond to ad orders. From the influencer's side - they receive many requests without a clear offer and aren't motivated to respond quickly and make ads on time
  • Advertisers have a high risk of losing money and not getting high-quality advertising, but Influencers don't trust brands and ask for 100% prepayment
  • Companies needs statistic and history about previous ads campaigns and quality influencers need a transparent portfolio


We want to disrupt influencer marketing and create a Web3 platform with benefits for influencers and advertisers

  • The launch of the advertising campaign is reduced to planned dates
  • The dual-token reputation model to motivate influencers to respond quickly and do the work on time
  • Payment via smart contract - guarantee receiving money when the ad is posted

During the Metabuild Hackathon we add the feature of payment for ads not only in stablecoins, but in native tokens of Web3 projects. And we have already added support NEAR and AURORA tokens. The native Token payment allows to Web3 companies transparent spend their token allocation on influencer marketing via B4B Protocol.

How it works?

  1. Influencers create their accounts and verified their Twitter channel. They receive NFT ID on their verified channel. They share the link on their booking page for advertisers with full portfolios.
  2. Advertisers buy subscriptions to get a database of influencers and filters or book the influencers on direct links from influencers for free.
  3. Advertiser prepares ad content (post and image), book the date, and pay in verified native Token (AURORA, NEAR...) or USDC via smart contract.
  4. Influencers accept the Ad campaign ASAP to achieve a higher B4B Rating. On the planned Ad date he has scheduled to publish the Ad content on the Twitter channel and share the link with advertisers to receive payment in verified native Token (AURORA, NEAR...) or USDC and grow B4B Rating.
  5. Brand accepts the Ad due to 24 hours and unlocks the payment for the influencer or makes a dispute with B4B.
  6. Influencers receive verified native Token (AURORA, NEAR...) or USDC payments for Ads, grow their B4B Rating on the platform, and earn B4B Coins monthly, based on their Rating.
  7. Influencers can hold the B4B Coins as investors or burn it in any time to receive USDC from Reward Pool.

Motivating algorithm for influencers

B4B.WORLD has a dual-token reputation system to motivate influencers’ activity and long-term work. The first token — B4B Rating — is a non-transferable reputation meter. The second token — B4B Coins — is a transferable monthly reward for influencer activity. B4B Coins reward is proportional to the B4B Rating increase this month.

B4B Protocol generates a fixed amount of B4B Coins monthly and fills the B4B Reward Pool with liquidity from ads fees on the platform. As a result, any holder can burn his B4B Coins and get stablecoins from the liquidity pool anytime. The exchange rate equals the ratio of B4B Reward Pool to the B4B Coin circulation and is constant within a month.

How we built it

We started to design the B4B WORLD platform in August on Aurora blockchain.

We made Testnet Release in October and already have 1700+ Ambassadors and crypto enthusiasts to test it.

We plan to complete the Testnet program during November and make the release of our platform on AURORA mainnet.

During the Metabuild Hackathon we add the feature of payment for ads not only in stablecoins, but in native tokens of Web3 projects on Aurora. And we have already added support NEAR and AURORA tokens. We believe that our platform can help blockchain-ecosystem products easier collaborate with influencers and attract more users for the growing ecosystem. The native Token payment allows web3 companies to transparently spend their token allocation on influencer marketing via B4B Protocol. And some influencers will think about save the Tokens or exchange them.

Instructions to B4B Testnet on Aurora with native tokens payments:

For influencers: - Personal Account for the influencers

Try to be an influencer with B4B.WORLD Testnet:

  1. Register on the platform via MetaMask/Wallet Connect
  2. Make a profile of your channel on Telegram/Twitter and verify it by OAuth to get NFT channel ID
  3. Accept ads orders from advertisers ASAP, make ads in time and the best quality to grow the Rating
  4. Receive payments for ads in the stablecoin from smart-contract
  5. Earn B4B Coins monthly based on your Rating and exchange for stablecoin or hold them

For brands: - Personal Account for Web3 companies

  1. Register on the platform via MetaMask/Wallet Connect
  2. Search Web3 influencers with filters by parameters, learn their statistic and history
  3. Book suitable influencers and reserve stablecoin payments via Smart-Contract
  4. Check the status of planned ads and make reviews for influencers to grow their Rating and Rewards

Integration with AURORA and NEAR ecosystem

1) Ecosystem growth by providing Ads with influencers on Aurora blockchain 2) Support Payments in Native tokens on Aurora 3) Support payments in AURORA and NEAR

Transparent usage of Native Tokens for marketing via B4B Protocol: Conditions: Only verified Tokens on 3+ DEXs Influencers accept each offer and the risks of token volatility Advertisers pay extra to motivate Token payments

Business model

B4B earns on a subscription model for Advertisers to get access to the platform B4B doesn`t earn on the Tx Fees. The Fees go to the B4B Coins Liquidity Pool, which is distributed among the influencers to stimulate the reputational economy on the platform.

What's next for B4B.WORLD

10-2022 - Testnet Release on the Aurora blockchain (1700+ active users now)

12-2022 - Mainnet Release and pre-registred users on the platform

Q1-2023 - Mainnet Release with native token payments

We believe that B4B.WORLD will help to attract more users to the decentralized world with its benefits for advertisers, influencers and their audiences.

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