As midterm elections in the US nears, university student interest is at an alltime high but casting an absentee ballot in their home districts remains cumbersome.

What it does

B3PO is a robot that casts absentee ballots on behalf of users

How we built it

We used chainlink as an oracle for ballot data into a dapp which users can use to securely cast their ballots over ethereum. An open-source C&C robot that holds a pen then fills out the paper ballot on the user's behalf.

Challenges we ran into

Hobbyist robotic software and drivers are even less mature than blockchain projects

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The robot listens to us, for now

What we learned

Cheaper isn't better. Students want to cast absentee ballots from campus back at home, but don't because they don't know where to buy a stamp. Seriously - (I don't know where to get a stamp either).

What's next for b3po

Collaborating with the blockchain dev and robotics communities to continue developing the solution's architecture and processes/methodologies for university groups to build a solution that can help them continue growing voter turnout and student engagement ultimately making them better citizens.

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