Our inspiration arose from dealing with legal aid organizations and seeing first hand the issues that arose between tenants and landlords. Many of these issues ended up in District Court just to be resolved by the parties while they were waiting to see the judge. We wanted to create something to improve the efficiency of this particular legal issue and to put a tool in the consumers hand so they could avoid litigation if possible.

What it does

B1GTENANT provides tenants with a documentation process to inform tenants of their rights and to help proactively avoid running into legal issues in the future due the lack of documentation. B1GTENANT provides consumers with the ability to scan their lease to flag any illegal or problematic clauses, upload pictures of their apartment with a date and time stamp, and fill out their inventory checklist. All of these documents are saved and can be referenced at a later time if issues arises.

How I built it

Our developer used Android Studio to create the app, which uses Java for the backend and XML for the front end. In addition, he used two of the HP Haven APIs (OCR and Extract Concept).

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was getting OCR to properly read documents especially when the font were blurry or too small.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of taking an abstract idea and creating a workable application that could be used by the time that the event was over.

What I learned

We learned the intricacies of landlord tenant relationships in Michigan and California. In particular, we learned that California has much more complex law dealing with tenant law.

What's next for B1GTENANT

We want to be able to expand B1GTENANT to understand and analyze the relevant tenant law for all 50 states. Additionally, we hope to add R3 as another component to the app.

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