As our development team consists of three young women pursuing degrees in computer science, it was not at all difficult to find inspiration and motivation to hack for the Break the Glass Ceiling Challenge. Having all dealt first-hand with the challenges that women in computing often face, we wanted to create something that we want to use. We believe that mentorship and discussion are keys to academic and professional development, and we are developing BossLadies to help girls like ourselves achieve their goals and combat discrimination, institutional challenges, and the lack of role models in the field.

What it does

Our project is an application that brings the primary facets of a woman in tech's life together into one user-interface. Women of all ages and backgrounds can find a place and a purpose for themselves in the BossLadies atmosphere.

Students can tackle hardships like Impostor Syndrome by watching testimonies of those who have gone through the same. Young professionals can find mentors or conversation partners of similar interests in order to receive essential advice and guidance to grow professionally and personally. Women who have established themselves in STEM fields may offer inspiration and empowerment to those who have been weakened in the face of adversity. Anyone can come to BossLadies to engage with the provided information, the other users, and the overall movement to shatter the glass ceiling as a strong, collective force.

How we built it

  • Technology Stack: Meteor.js, bootstrap, coffeescript

Over the course of the weekend, we constantly reassessed our time constraints and discussed which components of the original design we could implement. We originally decided to use meteor.js for its cross-platform flexibility and simplistic backend to database integration. As we worked with it, we found that it complemented our previous experience with HTML really well and was a great framework for quick, real-time development.

Challenges we ran into

We had big dreams for this application--and still do!--but as time went by we had to make some major cuts.

One challenge that we faced was finding the correct platform to use for a mentor-mentee matching service. What could be really simple for us as the developers could have been lacking in the user-friendly department. We thought that Google Forms would be a good way to collect survey responses from users, as they are commonly used and straightforward. However, this presented another challenge: storing responses from google forms into MongoDB. Transferring this data is something we are continuing to look into, so it can be used to pair mentors with mentees and kick off the community component of our application.

Another overall challenge was learning the meteor.js platform, since it involves referencing various variables throughout many files.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Beautiful UI design.
  • Flawless collaboration among team members.
  • Website flow that is user friendly and easy to navigate.

What we learned

  • New technology stack: mongodb and meteor.js

What's next for B0SSLAD1ES

  • Extension of UI design across all pages
  • Livestream AMA/Q&A Event Integration
  • Messaging feature with other members of the site.
  • Matching algorithm for connecting mentees with mentors.
  • Additional content and plugins in each component to facilitate various users

Please bear with us as we are resolving problems with retrieving and pairing our domain name,, with our project. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. Instructions to reproduce the project can be found in the last picture above. Enjoy!

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