B*Mobile's Nurse Station App is a Web app that provides the Patients, Rooms and To Do List information to the Nurses who work at the Nurse Stations in the hospitals. The Nurses can use their mobile devices to call, text, email, take/upload images, view patient address map directly from the app, update their To Do tasks and add new Patient Notes, Vital Signs records to Salesforce, below are the details ...

  1. Patient information - Patient Details, Address map, To Do list, Patient Notes, Vital Sign History, Patient's Images, Physician Contact info, Family Contact info and Surgery Schedule.
  2. Room Assignment information - How many beds in total, how many are occupied and by who, and how many beds are vacant. 3 Nurse's To Do list - Sorted by Time, Patient and Room with the past due highlighted.
  3. Nurses can easily add Patient Notes by selecting predefined templates.
  4. Nurses can add Vital Sign records.
  5. Nurses can take pictures with their mobile phone camera and upload images.
  6. Nurses can update their To Do list after they complete the assigned tasks.
  7. Patient Information page is refreshed in real-time after the new record inserts and To Do list updates.
  8. Nurses can call Patients, Physicians and Family members directly from the App with their mobile phones.
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