What it does

Scans for bluetooth low energy (BLE) devices such as phones and laptops and other computing devices and automatically implement a password cracking tool to get past the users security and gain remote access to the device

How we built it

using the BLEAH library by 'evilsocket' and implementing a homebrewed password cracking tool

Challenges we ran into

writing the password cracking tool and implementing into the BLEAH actions showed alot of problems, namely the implementation due to the tool being third party initially

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

the prevalence of low energy bluetooth devices that are unsecured as people going about their daily lives is incredible, it's impressive that it hasn't become a problem already

What's next for B.L.E.D.A.

further iterations and moving away from using the BLEAH library in order to become completely first party dependant

Built With

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