We went the extra mile!


We believe that everyone has a right to a good, healthy and safe workout. This app is our way of providing the visually impaired community with these opportunities without limiting themselves!

What it does

The app works by reserving a spot beforehand for the user in their desired workout location. This is done by completing a list of questions through voice command. Once the user has reserved a time slot, a spotter will meet them at the gym 10-15 minutes beforehand, where they can lead them to their desired activities (ex. treadmill, yoga class, etc). Spotters are trainers at the gym. The user has the option of having the spotter around to assist them or provide further training sessions.

How We built it

We used Google's Dialogflow, which is an NLP based API that lets the users converse with the app. The user can speak with the app in a natural, conversational manner in order to reserve a spot.

We began our project by doing our own independent research with regards to the topic of how the visually impaired interact with a normal gym setting. From there, we sketched out our ideas and split up the work accordingly. Finally, we tested our app individuality in order to make sure that the idea came out just as we wanted it to.

Challenges We ran into

None of us had ever built an app before! But, we also had each other and a great cause to get behind and that motivated us more than anything!

Accomplishments that We're proud of

  • We kept the app very simple in an attempt to make it more user friendly. We tried to make a simple yet effective solution without making it too complicated/hard to follow.

  • Our solution helps both customers and businesses. Businesses will benefit by increased membership and hiring more trainers. And customers are able to feel independent in the gym, but will always have help when they need it.

What We learned

How to think outside of the box and learn more about the challenges that visually impaired individuals face.

Built With

  • dialogflow
  • google-assistant
  • iphone-app-simulator
  • siri
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