I did not enter the actual name of coin yet

What it does

it will facilitate several things. first functional req is to accept Fiat currency from any country to purchase the coin for use on the app. coin value will mirror us dollar. then, I will allow each user to create their own account where b... coin will be purchased/deposited for further use on app/platform or to withdraw /exchange for the local Fiat currency of choice.

How I built it

in design stage

Challenges I ran into

finding out what functionality exists before re-inventing the same.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

determining the need for this platform's worldwide uses.

What I learned

developing even a Token is complicated.

What's next for B... Coin

evaluate solidity development environment, Java, libraries for development, design/mod sql database (done), design app for Android and iPhone, look for interested developers, design logo for token (done), organize team and assignments, look for similar functionality that exists for parts of this platform and of coin/Fiat exchange already working. more to come...

Built With

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