As we compiled the available resources for Breast Cancer, we found one common theme: there is a lot of information available online, and it can be overwhelming for women to do extensive research to find what they need. We decided that an optimal way to make this information accessible was to develop a chatbot. This way, each user has a personalized experience based on what they need, ranging from information on performing a proper self-test to finding breast cancer support groups in their area. Please interact with the chatbot on this webpage to see it in action!

It can be difficult to find pertinent information on breast cancer, because of the plethora of resources available. This can be especially difficult for women from marginalized communities because of the lack of education available, for example, self-examination, screening, or treatment options. We wanted to create an easy to use platform for those overwhelmed with the available resources.

What it does

This application is simple and easy to use. Upon going to our website, B-Bot will make a sound to get the user's attention and have a prompt open introducing itself. B-Bot gives options to respond with to facilitate an easy conversation that allows it to get to know the user and easily retrieve the information they need. The information B-Bot uses comes from verified, cited sources to ensure the most accurate and up to date information possible.

How we built it

Our team searched to find information from national breast cancer organizations to identify potential issues that could affect a person's understanding. Then we compiled information that would aid marginalized communities in finding screening locations and how to self-exam. Finally, a website was created to publish the pages of information with the accompaniment of a chatbot to help navigate through the website efficiently.

Challenges we ran into

One of the difficulties our team faced was narrowing down what information we needed to include in our website to provide women in marginalized communities. Another challenge was finding a compatible chatbot platform, since many chatbots are solely used for the purpose of customer service for marketplaces, and our last challenge was to integrate the chatbot on our website in a seamless way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One accomplishment our team is proud of is being able to translate the present need of the lack of information provided to women in marginalized communities in an easy to use chatbot. Our team is new to web development so we enjoyed tackling new challenges while building the website.

What we learned

We were able to create a website compatible with both desktop and mobile platforms using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Jekyll.

What's next for B-Bot

As of right now, this chatbot offers resources online and in the local New York Metropolitan area. On a larger scale, we hope to expand nationally so it can help people across the United States. As we get feedback from users, we hope to offer more topics with succinct information through our website and B-Bot. We would love to add an artificial intelligence component to B-Bot over time so it can analyze any input beyond the choices given and know where to refer the person to.

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