Homeless animals live on the streets in harsh and precarious conditions. Many may suffer from food and water deficiencies, exposing them to hunger and thirst. This issue is urgent and requires our attention and intervention to help. The proportion of animals on the streets without food or drink is an existential problem that requires attention. When animals find it difficult to find sources of food and water, it has negative effects on their health and well-being. Constant hunger leads to a weakened immune system and lack of energy, making it more vulnerable to diseases and injuries. In addition, thirst can cause serious health problems such as dehydration of the body and disorders in the functions of various organs. In the end, we must be aware of the suffering of homeless animals on the streets as a result of the lack of food and water. We can contribute to mitigating the effects of this problem by providing food and water to these animals and collaborating with local organizations and shelters. By working together and caring for us, we can improve the well-being of street animals and ensure they remain healthy and happy. And after I analyzed the problem sufficiently, I can say that I found a solution that may help solve the problem by creating a state of integration and helping the animal by providing food for homeless animals, but to prevent food waste. Food and drink will be in an electronic box, and this box works with advanced programming. And it is that when the level of food or drink falls below a certain limit, the project automatically fills the food boxes without the need for human intervention at that stage, but there may be some problems that may be a source of challenge in our project, such as 1- The problem of running out of food or drink levels: This problem will be solved in that a program will be provided on the phone connected to the food and drink boxes to follow up the levels, and in the event that the allocated stock in the boxes runs out, there will be a volunteer team working to refill these boxes 2- From where will we get food: Honestly, this challenge is one of the most important challenges that the project will face, because the percentage of food available to us will determine the percentage of boxes and their number in the streets. Therefore, I decided to make a program on the phone, and the purpose of it will be in case The presence of volunteers with food to support us, and that would be a great charity because it would be one of the greatest types of animal welfare 3- In the case of food spoilage in the boxes: In this problem, we have adopted that the food provided to the animals be dried food in an attempt to reduce the possibility of food spoilage. However, the application on the phone will be supported by a support team to receive complaints and meet the requests of people who may notice any problems. In this way, we have achieved a solution to one of the problems that many societies suffer from, and we have achieved the spirit of cooperation and kindness to animals

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