In Islam Hajj is the most important duty a muslim can fulfil, the jewel of his spirituality, the heart and strengthener of his faith. But beauty of hajj isn’t just in the religious part of it but it also lays on the logistics part too. Millions of people, gathering from all around the world in one place for one purpose. All acting in harmony, walking slowly but steadily towards a goal bigger than anything! Such an experience not only should be remembered and shared with family and loved ones but should also be brought out there for the world to witness.

What it does

Roaa is about immersing the whole world in the hajj experience by broadcasting real time information about the hajj gathered from cameras displayed all around mecca and surroundings whether it is by using the existing cameras or adding new ones but also from pilgrams photos based on crowd sourcing concept. For example we showcase the number of pilgrams between two points to indicate how many have already arrived to Arafat. Information that can be very critical to media and is very much needed. Another aspect that is very important to understand is that the application only requires from the hajj to take a picture and to click a button to diffuse it to the public or private channels. Nothing more, the idea is that the hajj will be completely disconnected from the world and fully focused on his hajj but the world what so ever will be fully connected to the pilgrim, checking how his hajj is going and being fully updated with his news.

How we built it

Roaa was built with the purpose of it to be simple, intuitive, user-friendly and ergonomic. It has simple functionnalities that focuses on : - Taging people in photos that are not theirs (taken by other people or public cameras) - Classify photos in channels according to many factors including but not limited to: pilgrim country, family and relatives, specific hajj phase that the photo was taken in… NB: what we have built in the hackathon is the functionalities of taking photos, sorting them in channels and putting the photos uploaded on the map

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges that we had is that the hajj is spiritual experience where pilgrims are so focused on doing prayer and finishing their rituals and most of them won't have enough time to take photos and share them just for the purpose to remove the bad image that the west has about hajj and islam in general, That's why we added a new functionality called the Hajj experience where every image taken is pinpointed on the hajj area map on the exact location where it was taken so that the pilgrim at the end of this journey he'll have a complete documentary of his experience that he can share with his relatives.

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