The hackers in the hackathon explained to me how beautiful websites can become, so I wanted to try making one

What it does

It showcases, using images, cool fonts/text, and link buttons, my other Comp Sci projects and directs users to check out my email, videos, Instagram, and Amazon Developer page, too

How I built it

Using Azure Bash Command lines, I played around with JS, CSS, HTML

Challenges I ran into

The fonts were not to my liking, so it was tough changing the font family many times and typing the names correctly

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The entire project was completed during my time at the hackathon, and I received very little help- I did it myself

What I learned

There can be different website templates you can code with

What's next for Azure: Portfolio Website

I will update with more pages, a dynamic moving website, and it will make sounds

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