Mapping of disease patterns is an important part of public health, epidemiology, and the study of disease in human populations. Better understanding the correlations between spread of disease, demographic information, human mobility data and various other datasets provides valuable information. Our inspiration was to enable healthcare agencies to become proactive with the right analysis and not focus on building the analysis tools.

What it does

This is an opensource project where we provide the source code through Github for all Healthcare agencies to customize and use for their analysis, reporting and communication needs. Although we connected the source code to the John Hopkins dataset, we make it very easy for healthcare agencies to easily add datasets of their choice to enable easy analysis.

How we built it

Developed using the Azure Maps geospatial services and API's using Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Built out very quickly, after hours, despite challenging schedules, we were able to bootstrap many teams that used this work to develop their own dashboards and analysis tools.

What we learned

Healthcare agencies have very custom analysis needs and want to use their own datasets to analyze patterns and make better decisions. A tool that enables them to customize what they want is valuable.

What's next for Azure Maps Covid19 Analysis & Reporting Accelerator

Enable organizations to deploy the source and use drag and drop capabilities to add/replace datasets, set filters and define KPI's

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