We were inspired by the volunteering spirit around us while working on coming up with a solution to the E-commerce challenges in Egypt

What it does:

Aziz Coins Focuses on Crowdsourcing and the power of people to do good and accomplish tasks, the initiative rewards user with the digital currency that could be redeemed to buy products from partnering E-commerce website and services with our AZIZ COIN PAYMENT.

How I built it : divided into 3 parts

Crowd App : Gamified user app to accomplish tasks/activities and redeem points Payment Gateway Plugin / API : allows E-commerce website to accept aziz coin payments Merchant Portal : CRM tool allowing vendors to manage and convert coin payments

Challenges I ran into

  • Inflow and outflow of cash (liquidity)
  • Fear of change and introducing concept to market
  • Costly penetration of over 45 age demographic segment

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Fresh idea that puts people at ease from secure online payments as no actual money is involved or bank accounts -Driving forced traffic to partnered E-commerce websites as digital currency cant be converted to cash only redeemed online

What I learned

E-commerce Scene and challenges in Egypt FinTech challenges Locally and Regionally

What's next for Aziz Coins

Redeem more services such as bookings, insurance and Tickets Home Businesses Inclusion Introduction to Market-Places Payroll option to company employees

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