Ayyo (Translates to Oh NO!)

Is a new way that allows people to get paid for any content on the web using ERC-721

Why ?

I write blogs, but most services like medium, stripe etc are available in only 23 countries excluding mine. So i wanted to solve my own problem, most importantly i wanted to do it, so that it works like an Appliance xD

What it does

No cost No Middleman

Users can use ayyo to add a Paywall to

  1. Get paid for their Blog Posts.

  2. Sell Books Online.

  3. make Private a YouTube Video and Sell it on Your Website

  4. Sell Podcasts Online or write a blog and make audio version paid.

  • Have premium Content Only for your loyal Supporters

How I built it

Using ERC 721 for the token, price increases with your token id.

Runs on Skale Sidechain.

Using Solidity, OpenZepplin, web3, js

Challenges I ran into

I miss sleep xD

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Probably one of the most simplest and easy to use code in ETH ecosystem xD

What I learned

That js is a pain in the ass and still sucks. Why don't they do something with graphql i hate web3 xD

What's next for ayyo

Feature not completed ERC 1613 Gas Station networks , so users can pay using Paypal without paying Gas.[Experimental]

An exchange to Buy and Sell ERC721.

Address an resolved to ens domain. Tried and failed due to lack of time xD

Built With

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