Ayur is a cross-platform smartphone application aimed at incentivizing healthy living through integration with fitness applications and wearable devices. Users will be able to earn an in-app currency ('fitcoin') by seamlessly syncing anonymized wearable activity data to our platform; fitcoin can be redeemed for discounts at local businesses.

Problem: There are several manufacturers of wearable devices and health focused applications (FitBit, MisFit, MyFitnessPal, etc.) with millions of consumers using these products to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Despite this, there exists no way to make use of all the data coming in. Solution: We are looking to build a business around 'gamifying' healthy lifestyles by (1) utilizing existing APIs to tap into wearable device motion data from multiple manufacturers (steps walked, calories burned, hours slept, etc.) (2) rewarding individuals for actively maintaining a healthy lifestyle and (3) providing evidence-based 2-5 minute educational modules to further galvanize consumer interest in healthy decision making. Ayur aims to do all three of the above by creating an online 'hub' for wellness.

Ayur is aimed at the both the casual health-conscious consumer as well as the advanced fitness enthusiast. Students, working professionals, gym goers, and athletes could use Ayur without having to take additional steps to log their activity. For this reason, the market size is large and reasonably supportive of traction and growth.

Motivation: We feel that the best way to encourage a healthy lifestyle is to incentivize it with immediate, tangible rewards. Preventive care is a developing field and we created Ayur to get more people excited about taking charge of their health; aiming to lessen the burden of chronic disease. Team: Yasaswi has lead a variety of service projects and organizations, with an emphasis on individual empowerment and education. He has been recognized by UC Davis for his community efforts. Shreyas co-founded RIVER, a health advocacy group, which educates the underserved on the benefits of healthy living. Through his experience with wellness advocacy efforts, he has realized the need for novel interventions that maintain interest and reward participation.

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