Ayudemos por una Causa

A Non-Profit Aggregator and Resource Management Platform

The problems we've decided to solve are:

  1. Problem #1 - Volunteer Matching: NGOs have difficulty connecting with volunteers to service their causes. Volunteers have difficulty identifying NGOs where they can volunteer for the causes they care most about in a user friendly manner.
  2. Problem #2 - Volunteer Conversion: NGOs post their volunteer needs mainly through facebook, however these requests don’t translate into more volunteers and there is not a single aggregator that matches the volunteers with the NGOs.
  3. Problem #3 - Community Visibility: Marginalized communities that are not geographically defined have a harder time accessing governmental, private sector and third sector resources.
  4. Problem #4 - Volunteer Tracking: Keeping track of volunteer hours, locations, and scope of work is a problem for many non profits. Visualizing this data in reports can have deep implications on funding, efficiency and stakeholder management.
  5. Problem #5 - Fundraising: 81% of nonprofits self report having issues fundraising. Part of this problem involves not being able to track and measure impact to increase donations.

The way we solved these problems was by creating a NGO aggregator and resource management platform that aims to better the user and admin experience.

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