Ayuda is a website that allows students to ask and view questons asked by other students in various subjects related to various topics.Users can upvote or downvote answers to each question and the answers will be shown according to their rating. This allows students to access the most reliable answer quickly. Users can also reply to answers posted.

Technologies used

The API was built using Nodejs with Express using Mongodb. The front end was built using React as well as the Material UI Front-end library.


  • Nodejs

Running the api

  • create a .env file using the .env-example file as a template
  • enter values for the fields in the .env file
  • run "npm i"
  • run "npm start"

Running the react site

  • cd into the ayuda-react-site directory
  • run "npm i"
  • run "npm start"

Built With

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