We wanted to come up with an app that helps those in need, and currently, one of the biggest issues in the world is immigration, especially pertaining to refugees and detainees.

What it does

This app aims to make life easier for immigrants to get settled in their new country, by providing many services in one interface. These services include connecting to low/no cost legal help, low/no cost housing, job opportunities, language help, and providing a community of users with similar backgrounds. In addition, it offers a platform for those who want to help immigrants by offer their services/utilities (ie, housing, legal services, jobs).

How I built it

We used as our platform in creating this app.

Challenges I ran into

Before Pixel Hacks, neither of us had every made an app before. We experienced every step of the learning process, and had to struggle through many challenges such as finding a good platform, not understanding the database, and even losing our project. Another challenge was in our late topic change. Although this switch required starting from square one, our concept and its potential impact was exciting enough that we feel we made a good decision.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are extremely proud of our idea, and the potential of how many people it could help. We are also proud that we have a project to turn in, as when we were starting out, we were not confident or motivated by our initial idea, and struggled to find an impactful topic that could be completed in a 24 hour period. We came in with no app development experience, and it seemed unlikely we would be here with a presentable application.

What I learned

We learned how to struggle through the original step of learning how to use a new language/development program/display, and that it pays off to work past this initial hurdle. We also found that having a concept that excites us motivates us to keep going when it becomes challenging.

What's next for AYUDA

We will continue working on ayuda after pixel hacks ends. We have been constantly coming up with new possible features and aspects to add to our program, including real-time conversation (chat/video call) with those offering resources in the app, translation of the app user interface to many different languages, and much more.

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