Voice technology is the future! We believe Amazon Echo Alexa Skills will be the primary hub where users get news, weather and entertainment. The Alexa platform provides creatives the opportunity to build their platform for their unique audience and to engage their users by offering premimum content, including creating a revenue stream with In Skill Subscriptions.

What it does

Positive Living presents motivational daily tips presented by AYRIAL’s vetted lifestyle consultants, who are among the world's leading experts in the areas of; feng shui, intuitive consulting, dream experts. We’ve included audio excerpts with parapsychologist Jeffrey Mishlove and best selling author Gary Zukav from the PBS featured documentary, “The Intuitive Factor, Genius or Chance?”

“Positive Living” presents users with with three options: Hear Daily Tips - Ask a Question about feng shui, dreams, intuitive development tips - Voice Search to find a lifestyle consultant.

How we built it

Node.js, using the ask-sdk, as well as the twilio library

Challenges we ran into

There were snags during testing when an upsell or refund request would trigger an Alexa response from our Question/Answer content. We resolved those issues by creating slots. Since this is our first ISP, it was a bit of a challenge to start with three premium packs of content and to create engaging upsell messages, greetings, refunds,

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We love presenting visuals with APL. And now, we're proud to have successfully implemented ISP for three premium programs, presenting a smooth transition of upsells that segues to Amazon to handle the transaction.

What we learned

How to successfully and creatively implement ISP! The creative aspect is writing up fresh upsell content that will spark users to buy a subscription of our premimum content.

What's next for AYRIAL "Positive Living" Alexa Skill

We plan to add additional visuals and video streaming subscriptions to furtherexpand and engage our audience to subscribe to our premium content.

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