After studying the brief our team decided to design an application which would focus on providing remote care while educating people about mental health.

The idea is to create an application which can help Urban Indian Teenagers in introducing their (reluctant) parents or family members to the idea of therapy. The application can be used as a tool to bring awareness and additionally, if the family feels that they are in need of help it can also connect them to a therapist according to their preference. We’re hoping that this idea can help in breaking the general taboo that Indian parents seem to have towards mental health and to make therapy more accessible – if they want to!

What inpired us were the brainstorming team sessions which made us share our own opinions on therapy and how we collectively and almost simulatneously agreed on the negative talk that exists around therapy in our country, India. It’s ingrained in our value systems that asking for help is considered weak. The upcoming generation is very well breaking that stigma but people belonging to the older demographic, specifically our parents within the age group of 41-60 are most averse to the whole concept of mental health.

We started researching on our idea and you can look up the findings here : link

The pain points we found were how therapy according to the older demographic was unnecessary , expensive , embarassing and how most of the time they are not able to find the right provider.

Therefore, the goals of our product is to provide an application that doesn’t feel like a crutch but more like a support system. We want to ease our audience into the idea of therapy instead of just throwing them in the deep end.

Introducing MindBucket

**MindBucket is an application that aims to create awareness about mental illnesses by curating a catered list of podcasts based on user preferences. These podcasts are conducted by people who are going or have been through similar experiences. We’ve tried to accomodate two types of users – users that are ready to take the lead and directly connect to a professional, and the conservative users that need a little push to cross the bridge by listening to familiar experiences and stories.

The app also offers free trial sessions with Therapists so that the users can find a Therapist that fits them well.

All the podcasts will revolve around the topics of mental health and wellness.**

The features of MindBucket are :

  1. Introducing Min! Our friendly neighbourhood bot assistant to help our audience tackle the new terrain of mental wellness.
  2. Straightforward user flow for easy navigation.
  3. Clean and minimalistic user interface.
  4. Considers users present emotion to test the waters by frequent check-in prompts.
  5. Hassle-free booking of therapists.
  6. A varied list of podcasts catering to all kinds of preferences.
  7. Offering two free trial sessions for our prudent users.

Please have a look at our wireframes uploaded as PNGs and try the application prototype too!

We really enjoyed making MindBucket. Our team's personal ideologies strongly align with the essence of our application. The biggest challenge that we faced was during primary research when we had to reach out to people to collect data. When talked about mental health and therapy, they were willing to open up about themselves, however most of our interviewees closed off when asked about their parents perspective of it. This further showed us how the topic of mental wellness is still a taboo in India.

Built With

  • figma
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