The 'Ajolote' is a neotenic salamander amphibian originally from México that remains in water as adult and is an endangered specie. I wanted to create a videogame that communicates this concerns as an invitation to take action in order to preserve and take care of nature. I decide that the main character, Ayekilua, narrates his story in different ways, but not by writing several stories but by generate them at the moment.

What it does

As a chatbot, Ayekilua AI Story Generator, keep track and participates in a dialogue with a user in order to create a unique story based on the conversation between the chatbot and the user. With predefined rules, Ayekilua tells his story even with different styles, sub-stories and random characters.

How we built it

I use p5.js library to create game engine and graphics, RiTa.js library in order to generate story and conversation and the Language Understanding (LUIS) service to decide paths in story generation.

Challenges we ran into

It is very difficult to generate a coherent story each time as you never know what a user is going to ask you, specially in a abstract or surreal type videogame but with the Language Understanding (LUIS) service I can design several intents and work on just a few more general paths.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It take a lot of effort but after a while we we able to generate stories good enough to keep a user interacting.

What we learned

I still leaning a lot of machine learning, natural language processing and several tools and frameworks like LUIS, RiTa.js and others.

What's next for Ayekilua AI Story Generator

We hope to explore meta data in to provide users with an augmented experience.

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