Memes are all around us, so we wanted to give back to the meme community, and let everyone be memes!

What it does

Aye Aye Caption allows people to take pictures and turn them into memes.


We built it using react-native, so we have a functioning ios and android app. We also have a node backend that is deployed on heroku for processing information from the picture. Our db is mongodb.


React native is still in its infancy, so it was a little bumpier than we would have liked.


We created something that people could use, which is pretty neat. Also, giving back to the memers and the dreamers is a bonus!


React native, development mobile applications, clarifai api, deploying to heroku, mongodb, express, clarifai api!

What's next?!?

Moar Social Media Support! (Twitter, Insta, Reddit, the world), achievements, google play / apple store release, video support, more memes and airhorn.

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