Staying Sane at Home : Best Project addressing Mental Health concerns during the Pandemic


Our goal is to maintain a healthy daily routine during this pandemic. Inspired by Tamagotchi and simple mini browser games, we've created a game called Covidgotchi which has set reminders with a fun twist.

What it does

This small screen pet represents you, the player and the pet's health bar represents your health. Acting as a symbol of you, this little game works as a reminder to complete daily tasks throughout the pandemic. Like us, a lot of people tend to be glued to their computers, and with covid-19 around, we lose track of time way too easily. The result of this is the deterioration of both physical, and mental health. Covidgotchi: a minigame right on your screen, acts as a reminder to take care of yourself during these unexpected times.

The instructions are fairly simple: There are 4 simple, yet important tasks written on the right-hand side of the screen. All four things have an implemented timer (varies by task) and you lose health when the timer runs out. To gain it back, you must get up, perform the said task (reminder aspect of the game), and once you are back click the box to confirm you have completed it.

Upon launch, if you press play you are able to choose between 4 pets of your choice (as people have their preferences!) depending on what you choose, that character will show up on the game screen.

How we built it

Covidgotchi is build using Python, Pygame, and the art program Krita.

Challenges we ran into

Debugging our program, especially towards the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Pulling through and debugging the entire program despite the limited time.

What we learned

Better use of Pygame, its functions, and understood how to apply basic coding skills into creating something.

What's next for Covidgotchi

EXP system to help encourage users to keep up with tasks. There will be no negative penality, as we are trying to avoid all things negative.

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