One of the bad experiences we have with crypto is that we have an endless of L2 chains and for every chain we need a native token to interact with dapps. Would it be awesome if we only need LINK in one chain and be able to use it as a gas for all L2 chains? We are fulfilling the dream of LINK as a "universal gas token". Imagine a world where:

  • One wallet that is on all chains.
  • Use one Gas Tank on all the chains.
  • Never worry about having enough gas on every chain.

What it does

Ayara Wallet is a smart contract wallet designed to simplify the use of Layer 2 (L2) networks and other blockchain networks. It eliminates the need for users to acquire or bridge native gas tokens.

  • Install Chrome Extension.
  • Creates a new EOA wallet with Google sign-in (web3auth is used as a signer), which becomes the owner of the smart contract wallet.
  • Facilitates the creation of a smart contract wallet account.
  • Allows locking of LINK in the contract, referred to as the "universal gas tank".
  • Utilizes CCIP to create a smart contract wallet account on a different chain and execute a transaction on that chain.
  • Subsequently, continue using the chain and with the gas allowance set by CCIP from the gas tank.

How it works

Smart Contracts

The smart contracts are written in Solidity and tested using Hardhat. The contracts are deployed on Optimism Goerli, Base Goerli and Sepolia testnets.

The contracts are using Chainlink's CCIP to send messages across networks to other AyaraController contracts.

In one transaction it can:

  • Lock some Link tokens in the wallet
  • Send a message to another network
  • Create a new smart contract wallet on the target network
  • Set an allowance for the user to spend on the target network
  • Execute the smart contract call on the target network

AyaraController is deployed with the same address on all networks. This is important for the creation of Ayara Instances on other networks since it will create the same address for the same user across all networks.

Example of a successful cross-chain transaction with wallet creation

Inheritance Graph: Inheritance Graph

Challenges we ran into

  • Somehow we can't inject the provider from web3auth, so we can't interact with dApps now.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We create a smart contract wallet and use CCIP to send tokens in a second chain.

What we learned

  • Learned how to build a wallet on the chrome extension
  • Learned smart contract wallet
  • Learned CCIP

What's next for AYARA Wallet

  • Make Ayara wallet can interact with dApps directly.
  • As CCIP becomes more connected, the complexity increases for users, so does the usefulness of Ayara Wallet!

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