A life of varying interests that need a phone just as strong

What it does

A phone that would fit the needs of a person who wants the strongest phone, with the best immersive speaker experience, and unique user friendly back scrolling systems.

How we built it

Using CAD, community suggested ideas, and unique thinking

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completion of an alpha CAD design within a 20 hour span

What we learned

How to use CAD effectively and how to funnel broad ideas into a specific concept

What's next for Axon Evol

Submission to Project CSX

Built With

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posted an update

Please use the GitHub repository to see all pertinent information about the Axon Evol project. The Axon Evol 2016PRIME-Hack.docx contains an abstract that details all the additions that we wish this device to have. The pictures show, a Front View.png, Rear View.png, and Display default.png view.

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