The project started out of some concrete requirements in our everyday job. However, since we are doing secret stuff in our workday, we pivoted the idea to a project which allows traceability of wine bottles.

What it does

The app allows to programmatically create QR Codes and insert them into a Confluence page. The idea is to use them to attach to physical items (for instance, a bottle of wine) so that end users can access online, up-to-date information about such item. We demonstrated such concept with a concrete use case for wines, but of course this is just one example of possible applications of the app.

How we built it

The AXOLOTL application leverages the "Forge QR Code" example at

We made a few small extensions to the original sources, for instance the capability to render not just the QR Code but also a few additional attributes in cleartext. This can hint end users that they may get more details by scanning the QR Code.

Challenges we ran into

Mostly time... We assumed we had more spare time over the weekend, but this was not the case. For instance, one of us was busy harvesting grapes at the in-laws vineyard - by the way, that was the main inspiration for the app :-)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we managed to complete the submission less than a couple of hours before the deadline...

What we learned

That planning is essential to hit milestones!

What's next for AXOLOTL

Who knows? Maybe we will extend the project for our actual use cases in our main job...

Why the name "AXOLOTL"?

For no real reasons except that we (the team who created the app) are a group of friends who like participating to hackathons. We call ourself "Aquariophilie" and each project we develop has a name of either a fish or seafood.

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