How well do you know your community? When was the last time you volunteered at a local cleanup day? Are you a regular nightlifer? Or do you find yourself sitting on the couch on a weekend?

What if you could find out about local event around you, all day, any day, in real time?

For us, this meant Axolocal.

What it does

Axolocal is an event creation and sharing app. Users can log on from computers or phones around the world and set up events in seconds- events which are geotagged and made locally visible for the general public. Then, interested event-goers can see events in their area, get details on their locations and times, and attend!

How we built it

We constructed Axolocal on a meteor.js and angular.js framework.

Challenges we ran into

Wresting with the combo of meteor and angular took much of our time, but we pushed on!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We love the easy accessibility for users to create and view events!

What we learned

We learned meteor.js, angular.js, bootstrap, google maps api, git and plenty of design!

What's next for Axolocal

Next, we hope to scrape local newsletters for a greater passive event database!

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