Most small businesses will be affected by the COVID-19, some to the point of closing doors when they are not able to cover basics like rent or payroll. This is alarming because they represent 50% of the workforce in developed countries and more than 75% in the developing world. AXKI is a self-managed community with the objective of protecting the economic potential that the SMBs represent for the world, its impact in the community and to fight poverty. We empowered the business owners with a voice for them to connect with a worldwide network of people concern not only with the economy but with the society that boosts it. Our mission is a long-term effect in the public economy by keeping SMBs alive creating opportunities and pushing the tech wave to a sector that has not seen all the benefits from it. A world without small businesses cannot exist.

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posted an update

We won passed to the top ten in The Global Hack!!!! We are really excited. Here you go official results:

We are going to continue developing and enter to accelerator program to push up the project. If you have a passion for this project and you want to join the team please contact me.

A will be putting the code in the repository of this platform this week

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