I was inspired in many APIs that I already developed and in both TDD and KISS concepts.

What it does

It's an API to play the Mastermind game. It supports multiplayer, singleplayer and you can also play through a Telegram bot (yay).

How I built it

I built it storing games on MongoDB, storing session for Telegram games in Redis and using Ruby on Rails as webserver. Everything built and deployed to a test server (link down below) using Docker and Docker Compose.

Challenges I ran into

Well, it was suppose to include the third challenge too (play through AxiomZen's API and with hint support), but I tried too much to stick using Ruby, even though its performance is really bad to solve this kind of problem. I took too long to change to golang and I couldn't finish the golang version, even to a state where it would be presentable.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud using Docker and Docker Compose correctly, of my test coverage and of integrating with Telegram (they have awesome stuff for integration).

What I learned

I learned a lot of Docker and Docker Compose, only to give the best app environment for you, guys. <3

What's next for AxiomZen: Mastermind API

Best hints possible for payers, for sure.

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