This project has been made for doctors without borders. (Medecins Sans Frontiers). I'm tried to make a usefull landing page to collect donates.

How I built it

I tried to built it using javascript without libraries, like jQuery, and with a few images. The most of project has been made with ccss.

  1. How long did the assignment take? Adding the time of research and development, about 24 hours of work.

  2. Did you learn anything new in the process? Yes, Youtube API: I never have been used this API and i had to learn how to use it, to make the Video Background on the header of the landing page, also, i used a script called card.js ( who i descovered when i've made a research for this project.

  3. What was the hardest part? The video background, i dont want to use something made for other people before, and i tried to make my version to take youtube video on background of one html element

  4. If you could go back and give yourself advice at the beginning of the project, what would it be? "Begin with the forms, they are the slower part"

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