The project is a node implementation of the challenge one (backend) of Axiom Zen's challenge. The challenge asks us to build a Mastermind game API.

What it does

The API allow clients to:

  • create a new game;
  • join an existing game (if it was created as a multiplayer game);
  • send guesses;
  • query for game info;

How we built it

First we discussed about the API definition (solution design) and so we decided which technologies we would use to support our development. Most of the code was written in pair programming and/or with peer reviews.

Challenges we ran into

We basically had no experience with node.js and Redis (no practical experience, just research on the topics) so our main challenges were to know the best way to deal with the proposed challenge and keep our code clean and organized.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Even with almost no practical experience in node, we made a robust implementation which satisfy all the proposed requirements.

What we learned

We learned a lot about node development.

What's next for Axiom Zen - Challenge One: Backend Implementation

We would like to add unit testing to our project (to simplify changes and refactoring testing) and to make some clients to use our API (Web and Mobile).

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