While speaking to our partners from IoT Device domain we found most of them had similar problems. They wanted to focus on Device manufacturing and hardware part of it but without a strong IT system to handle device management, customer management and data management their story was incomplete. With the idea to cater all these areas, we formed the IoT Device management platform. Currently platform can support Sensor and Diagnostic kind of devices. We have already build Real time analytics plugin which can be further enhanced as per device specific requirements. All the features and functionalities are supported via APIs. In the roadmap we will be focussing to cater other IoT areas like Navigation related devices and Hub model.

Built With

  • amazon-api-gateway
  • amazon-elasticsearch
  • amazon-kinesis
  • amazon-sns
  • crm-sugarcrm
  • iot-gw
  • rest-php/laravel
  • sns
  • webapp-php/codeignotor
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