Young and experienced professionals seeking for a career growth face issues of finding right source to enhance their skills and move to a higher positions in their life. As well as women who need to upgrade technically after long career gap need to upskill.

What it does

A new-age digital platform for young and experienced professionals providing timely expertise building interventions that help shape their careers. They want a application that can reduce the time taken in doing manual process. It offers different training programs for college graduates, working professionals and specially for working women.

How we built it

Harnessing the features available out-of-the-box in Pega 8.7, we developed an e-learning application. The following features have been built:

Live dashboard with loaded options so that the learner can easily navigate to Learn courses.

Implementation process:

  • Log in as a working, professional, or student woman. The appropriate courses will be displayed.
  • Students can select a course and pay the appropriate fee using PayPal.
  • The learner will then have access to the courses.
  • Weekly exams will be administered in accordance with the necessary guidelines.
  • They will receive certified mail with an attachment once the final evaluation is complete.

Additionally, current users can login to see their dashboards and enroll for new courses.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Real time payment.
  2. Choosing the appropriate course and enrolling in a new course as an existing student.
  3. Elegant UI with Simple Access.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The concept of the solution and the desire to release a product on the market that addresses the problems that both new and experienced professionals currently encounter.

  1. Real-time registration tracking for courses.
  2. Payment in real time.
  3. Chatbot interaction.
  4. Certification and assessments on a weekly basis.
  5. Integration with SMS gateway to send SMS in order to provide widespread connectivity
  6. A dynamic dashboard's UI/UX.

What we learned

An understanding of the contemporary issues facing by working professionals

  1. PEGA Chatbot Integration
  2. Real-time PayPal and PEGA connectivity
  3. Using PEGA to Create a Custom UI
  4. Using PEGA to connect REST for SMS.

What's next for Axcelerate

  1. Wallet implementation.
  2. Live sessions with experts.
  3. Advanced web chatbot.
  4. Ease Mobile Accessibility.

Resources and Ideas:


Developed By

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Built With

  • appstudio
  • casemanagement
  • customcss
  • customhtml
  • email
  • informative/handyui&more
  • paypal
  • pega
  • pegachatbot
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