Over a plate of early morning breakfast mixed with reading articles on climate changes, an idea popped up, make a difference in consumerism; and I did.

Ax Ration, literally meaning cut down on consumption, is a web application aimed at ensuring people reduce their level of consumptions in terms of everything, whether it be sales discounts, shopping sprees, trees felling, irrelevant mining, etcetera. At least, that was the basic idea of what I wanted to be.

What it would do

Ax Ration would stage three important sections.

The first of them being the collection of personal information. Ax Ration would use generated forms to collect data from people concerning their normal lives and ways of living to know what they need and don't. For example, Mr A has a car and a house. Ax Ration would register the information and notes that Mr A wouldn't need to get one of those again, for the time being.

Second, Ax Ration would have a scanning system to help in the great selection of products to buy. It would use AI technology that understands whether things are useful to a person or not, using the personal information filled.

Last and definitely not least, it would implement the usual systems that everyone loves - the daily log and bank account. Ax Ration would use the Google Pay API for saving excess money (because we're helping you spend them rightly) for future use. Also, the daily log is a small diary that would let you express your feelings as regard your daily consumptions.

Of course, there are would many other features, some enlisted in the demo video.

How I built it

I designed the wireframe on Figma, first, to build my imagination and make working easier.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the right mix of colours and fonts to fit the purpose of Ax Ration was the most difficult. I had also to ensure I used complementing images gotten from Freepik.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to create a tool that might make a difference in the world deterioration.

What I learned

I learnt time management and being able to prioritise amidst various activities. I was able to improve in my design skills.

What's next for Ax Ration

Having a system whereby potential food organisations/distributors, such as Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) or Operation Feed the Nation (OFN) in Nigeria, would connect with people to ensure they're consuming the right foods and reducing the rate of disposing plastics or cans that are used in storing food through Ax Ration; thereby decreasing climate change.

Built With

  • figma
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