Learn about Goodwill industries today at aws hackathon and got excited with their problem statement and decided build

What it does

it make communication simpler and easier between goodwill representative and person seeking jobs help.

How we built it

group of 4 using following AWS services Connect, SNS, Lambda, Lex, API Gateway, DynamoDB, CloudWatch

Challenges we ran into

AWS Lex does not support branching Getting Customer Number from which he called on Lex.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working DEMO End to End between all the AWS Services we used.

What we learned

We got introduced to AWS CONNECT Learned What goodwill industries is all about

What's next for awsreinvent-team35-goodwill-industries

You can try DEMO by either calling: +18443224727 or text: +17372154586

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