1. Install homebrew (
  2. Ensure you have permissions to write to /usr/local/ sudo chown -R $(whoami) /usr/local/
  3. Install nodejs: brew install node
  4. Install n -- a command line tool for switching between node versions: npm install -g n
  5. Switch to supported node version: n 8.1.3
  6. Clone code: git clone PROJECT_URL path/to/project

Change directory to project for remaining steps

  1. cd path/to/project
  2. Install package dependencies: npm install

Deploy Full Stack to production

  1. npm install
  2. npm run production-deploy

Re-compile typescript on file change

  1. npm run watch

Re-run tests on file change

  1. npm run test

Deploy Just Backend Stack

  1. serverless deploy -s

Deploy Just LexBot

  1. serverless deploy-lexbot -s

Setup VSCode text editor

  1. Install VSCode: (
  2. Launch VSCode -- install command line tools (cmd-shift p to bring up command palette then type: shell command: install code command in PATH)
  3. Install prettier plugin: code --install-extension esbenp.prettier-vscode
  4. Install tool for searching node_modules (this directory is otherwise configured to be hidden): code --install-extension

Setup Atom text editor

  1. Install Atom: (
  2. Launch atom -- install command line tools (Preferences->Install shell commands)
  3. Shutdown atom and install useful atom packages: apm install atom-typescript tree-ignore linter linter-eslint prettier-atom
  4. Launch atom, configure prettier to reformat on filesave (Preferences->Packges->Search for 'prettier' and pick settings: Ensure checked: Silence Errors, Format Files on Save. Ensure unchecked: ESLint Integration)

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