We accepted the challenges. So we reviewed challenges and find AWS is more accessible and decide to use that to build a project.

What it does

A business chatbot to serve you to book the global hotel. After data comparing, it shows the popularity of hotels in different cities.

How I built it

Use AWS Lambda function to assist AWS Lex together to build a chatbot in facebook. Through chatting users to get their data and post it to AWS databases, and connect Athena to another AWS product: QuickSight. Finally, shows the results in QuickSight to draw an analysis.

Challenges I ran into

OMG, so many Amazon products! It's our first time to use Amazon Web services, everything is new to us. Fortunately, we build this project as we wish!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Wow, this is my first time to attend the hackathon, I really learn a lot. And I stuck to it until the end!

What I learned

Teamwork? coding technique and how cold in Sheffield at night

What's next for AWS hotel booking services

Build a website to display our data visualization, use machine learning to make our chatbot smarter

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