For many organizations, JIRA is a major tool for IT, business and development teams to operate their functions. Collecting all integrations in JIRA gives teams power to react quickly on the changing trends of business operations. AWS is a central tool for lots of companies.

We believe that bringing these two products together will enable businesses for better control and faster growth.

What it does

Today, AWS Cost Manager is a simple tool that shows you AWS CloudWatch billing metrics in JIRA. As simple as that!

How I built it

Using java, AWS and caffeine:)

Challenges I ran into

Only two weeks passed between the time I found information about Codegeist Hackathon and submission of the add-on. Major challenge was to build MVP in really aggressive timelines. Being really just back-end developer, I also had lack of UI experience which was really challenging!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to build add-on in very short timelines with high quality.

What I learned

How to build add-on for JIRA Cloud, how to set-up infrastructure and security in AWS and many more smaller things.

What's next for AWS Cost Manager

We have big plans in improving security, providing more metrics, cost optimization tips and smart analytics of your AWS usage!


Special thanks to my wife for helping with logos and building UI!

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