The next step to mankind is bringing data into the real world. Rather than rummaging through menus and search results to find what is right next to you, why not just pull out your phone's camera and see for yourself.

How it works

Awhere pulls in location information based on your own current location and which direction your facing to find buildings and business directly in front of you and display it on your camera screen.

Challenges we ran into

Originally we were designing for android; however, due to the utter lack of experience from both of us we changed gears over halfway through to something we were vaguely familiar with - iOS. The main issue when working with iOS is that neither of us have had experience with UI, so attempting to create a dynamic UI was challenging. Also we did not have an apple developer license so we could not test our product on a real device which was necessary since we are coding for camera function, GPS location, and compass data usage.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Coming in, our knowledge was solely on command line applications, but we threw ourselves head first into JAVA and iOS learning and coding towards our goal. We came up with an amazing concept that fulfills real need in the world. We created a framework to build off of and can truly make Awhere amazing in the future. Lastly we had an amazing time and we are even more ecstatic about learning how to develop further and more effectively iOS techniques and applications.

What I learned

We both have learned some basics to Android Studio and Xcode. Learned what is required to make a full fledged mobile app. We learned how to blend our ideas to meet a true need and work together efficiently. Finally we learned what kind of preparation projects need and how good communication along with a good game plan can help all the more.

What's next for Awhere


We developed a good foundation for app to receive information but our UI and underlying functions still need a lot of work. We hope keep moving forward and publish this app with professional quality in the coming future.

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