We wanted to do something. We did.

What it does

AweSummary, currently uses two different methods, to generate a montage of images. The applications differ based on the image content. For example: a book reader can summarize chapter-wise formulae or important notes, a student can do a cheat-sheet that can be shared and also contributed by classmates, a teacher can put different images together for children, a valentine can generate a mosaic type hearts, etc...

How we built it

Online version: Can be accessed at that uses a webpage and host server to take inputs from users and provides AweSummary of images from a matlab-interface via ftp. Offline version: AweSummary.exe is compiled by MATLAB source code.

Challenges we ran into

Warning: Space might be insufficent to describe. Setting up the frame work was hard. We are a mix of electrical and computer science engineers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The approach and ideas we encountered during the last 36-hours. We learned few lessons and lot of confidence in ourselves and as a team together. Biggest of all, we did build something from scratch. :)

What we learned

It was easy to look at the problem untill we started to solve it. Few tweaks and simpler ways to code.

What's next for AweSummary

We have too may ideas that were not implemented. We will continue to make it better.

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