For this hackathon, I wanted to implement a hand gesture controlled system. Seeing the Microsoft's computer vision through deep learning workshop has also motivated me to do so.

Moreover, I could not find any existing front-end only presentation system. So I decided to develop it to improve student life.

Thanks to this project, there won't be any more need to install an extra software or create an account on a server hosted system. Students will be able to quickly create presentations on the run from any device with internet access. Moreover, it comes with the functionality to control your slides by just moving your hand to right or left and enhances the speakers voice by using the computer's microphone.

What it does

It creates awesome presentations by just waving to a web-cam! A hand-gesture controlled fully client-side presentation platform.

How I built it

It is fully built by Javascript. I had to deploy it to a http server to have access to the webcam.

What's next for AwesomeSlides

Be awesome.

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